[Movie; Yes Man] YES for Microcredit


What if you could only answer, ‘Yes’, to someone’s favor? Neither excuse nor refusal. You will become a ‘Yes Man’. The movie ‘Yes man’ is about the man called Carl Allen who is a bank loan officer living in LA. For some reasons (I don’t want to make this post a spoiler, so please watch the movie if you want some more details!), Carl is to answer ‘Yes’ to everything.

Considering that his job is a bank loan officer, what would happen? Right, when a client comes to him and applies for a loan, he always approves the application by saying “YES”. Every loan requested to Carl is granted without any conditions. People come to Carl for various reasons which may seem unreasonable, and those loans are just small loans not making huge profits for banks. One day, Carl got to meet the vice-president visiting from the headquarter office. Before meeting him, Carl was worried about being fired as he granted so many small loans to his customers. However, Carl hears something totally ‘unexpected’ from the vice-president, “Our customers who were granted the small loans thank our bank very much. They are repaying their loans very well, and this contributed to generating great profits to our bank.”


This story in the movie is pretty different from what most of banks do in reality. Many low-income households find it difficult to receive small loans from banks. A high threshold of credit assessment does not easily grant loans for those low-income earners. However, a similar story to this movie actually does happen around us! Do you know what I am talking about? It’s ‘Microcredit’. Even though microcredit is not completely unconditional, and there are some credit assessment criteria to grant loans, the threshold of the assessment is much lower for the purpose of providing support to the low-income households. This is to enhance financial and economic capabilities of the low-income earners, rather than to ignore their loan applications on the basis of their current income levels. Microcredit allows an ‘opportunity’ to the low-income earners, so does Carl in the movie. Ask help for microcredit, you would hear “Yes” for your application.

Cheers, Frank


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