Financial Service Center for Low-income Households


Good afternoon 🙂 

Since April 2012, FSC in cooperation with FSS (Financial Supervisory Service) has run ‘Financial Service Center for Low-income Households’. This is for the purpose of supporting low-income households, in accordance with the government’s policy response: Countermeasures against Illegal Private Loans. So far, there have been 12,969 cases were advised, consulted and reported at the center. This shows an average of 14 cases a day! Then what’s the main job at the service center?


These things above are available at the centre, aiming at enhancing financial capabilities of low-income households. After receiving feedbacks on the current management of the center, FSC now introduces new measures to facilitate the service center. Details are as follows;


This continuous effort by FSC and FSS is expected to help the lives of low-income households. There are many households out there who are lost, not being aware of such system. Services are available, and it’s time for as many households as possible to get benefited. And feedbacks are more than welcome!

Cheers, Frank


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