[Sketch] Mr.Kim at the Bellwether Series 2012


Good afternoon guys.

Have you all enjoyed reading the special features; Mr. Kim’s Tour and Mr. Kim’s Meeting? I guess you might feel familiar with the Chairman Kim Seok-Dong, even though you haven’t had any contact with him! And I hope you are also getting more aware of the policy measures by FSC.

Today, I am posting a brief sketch of ‘The Bellwether Series: South Korea, 2012’ held this afternoon at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul. Does anyone know what it is? The Bellwether Series is a conference held by The Economist magazine, for the purpose of discussing the current issues of economy and finance. This time, the topic was ‘Asia Finance: Victory by Default?’

Many professionals in economic and financial sectors were invited to the conference, including academia, public officers, economists and analysts. The conference was divided into several sections to encourage active communications between those invitees and thus to share various thoughts and opinions.

Then who’s going to address the Korea’s financial policies at the conference? Right, The FSC Chairman Kim Seok-Dong was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech. His keynote speech was about ‘Korea’s Financial Policies Ahead’. In his keynote speech, he mentioned the recent developments in financial sector and suggested future policy measures to promote a better financial system in Korea. Shortly after the keynote speech, Mr. Kim represented his perspectives about ‘Developments in South Korea’s financial sector and Key policies for the year ahead’ during the one-on-one interview session. Both the speech and interview helped the audience gain clearer insights into a policy direction being sought by Korean financial authorities. For those of you want to know the details about Mr. Kim’s keynote speech, please follow this link http://www.fsc.go.kr/downManager?bbsid=BBS0030&no=81412. A full script of his speech is available in pdf format. Also, follow-up post will be written very soon, telling you more about the conference!


Cheers, Frank



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