[Mr.Kim’s On-Site Tour] the Last Conference in Gumi


Good morning folks.

This is the very last one of the featured posts on Mr. Kim’s On-Site Tour. Since it was the last conference during Mr. Kim’s Tour, there were not many new concerns raised in Gumi. Rather, Mr. Kim heard the concerns that had already been discussed at the previous conferences in other industrial complexes. That is, SMEs’ entrepreneurs are exposed to similar financial difficulties which were repeatedly heard at each conference. After having heard about those overlapping concerns, Mr. Kim promised that future policy measures will take those into account. Also, FSC is to do its best to provide responses and measure ‘as soon as possible’.

One of the most remarkable outcomes of Mr. Kim Tour is that FSC released “Measures to Support Export and Investment”. How prompt FSC is! It was released ‘in the middle of’ Mr. Kim’s tour. The measures outlined therein are; 1) to provide financial supports for exporting businesses through various forms of assistance, and 2) to facilitate businesses’ investment activities in improving infrastructure and enhancing industrial competitiveness. By the end of this year, KRW 7 trillion will be injected to achieve the ends of these measures.

Mr. Kim, at the end of the conference, said that, “FSC will regularly and continuously make efforts to support exporting and investing businesses. The overall structure of financial supports for SMEs has been built well. So, from now on, we will work towards addressing specific issues and concerns more intensively.”

Have you enjoyed reading my featured posts? I do hope so 😀  Throughout reading the posts, you have probably felt that Mr. Kim’s On-Site Tour was a great success. Mr. Kim’s tour finished two weeks ago, and so do my featured blog posts. However, one thing is still going-on. What’s this? FSC’s efforts to hear the SMEs’ voices and reflect those in the policy measures!



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