[Mr.Kim’s On-Site Tour] the 2nd Conference in Iksan


Hi guys.

The second blog post about Mr. Kim’s On-Site Tour is now up! The second conference was held in Iksan. As done so in Incheon, the conference in Iksan was organized as ‘Q&A’ session.

There were some overlapping concerns having already discussed in Incheon, since the SMEs’ entrepreneurs basically share similar problems of financial difficulties. However, here I am introducing concerns which were not addressed in Incheon, but newly raised in Iksan. Please refer to the followings;

The SMEs’ entrepreneurs in Iksan have found it hard to recruit employees for their businesses. This is because most of the young job seekers are heading towards Seoul and other metropolitan areas, leaving small cities like Iksan behind. It led to so-called ‘Brain Drain’ in small cities, meaning that workforces with high levels of education and skills are not sufficiently supplied in the labor market. Responding to this concern, the FSC Chairman Mr. Kim said, “We will further discuss this matter with other government bodies so as to provide good working environments in cities other than Seoul.” If  working conditions are improved  in small cities, SME entrepreneurs are to find it easier to attract qualified workers even in the small cities.

Along with brain drain issue, SMEs were suffering from information shortage. That is, the small businesses are not properly informed of the professional tips regarding fluctuations of exchange rates and the related risk matters. Mr. Kim once again suggested that SMEs become the effective users of ‘One-Stop-Finance for Enterprises’  website(https://financialservicescommission.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/one-stop-finance-for-enterprises/). He was confident to say that the website offers a wide range of information helpful for the operation and management of businesses.

One of the representatives from banks said, “the Liquidation periods for SMEs are to become more flexible, easing the current stance of tight schedules. This kind of rescheduling will help SMEs’ entrepreneurs finance their businesses with less pressures and difficulties.” It is an effort to reconsider the circumstances of SMEs suffering from insufficient funds for their businesses.

Isn’t it cool that those concerns are responded by the Chairman and other representatives? There are still two more conferences that you are to enjoy reading! Please follow my blog post. See you tomorrow. By the way, the next Conference is the one in Changwon!



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