[Mr.Kim’s On-Site Tour] the 1st Conference in Incheon


Hi folks.

It’s been 10 days since the Chairman of FSC, Mr. Kim Seok-Dong, went to his ‘On-Site Tour’ to industrial complexes in Korea. Well, the purpose of his tour was to check up what kinds of financial difficulties make it challenging for SMEs’ entrepreneurs to export and invest. Throughout this week, I am going to write ‘blog posts on each conference’ that Mr.Kim had with the entrepreneurs.

There were four conferences in total, starting from Incheon and ending up in Gumi. The conference was organized as Q&A session between the entrepreneurs and Mr.Kim. The entrepreneurs talked about their concerns, and questioned ‘how to deal with such difficulties’. Then Mr.Kim answered their questions, suggesting feasible policy measures and promising financial authorities’ continuous endeavors to help them out.

Today, I am going to start off with the first conference in Incheon.

The followings were the concerned voices from SMEs’ entrepreneurs.

After listening to those concerns shared by the entrepreneurs, Mr. Kim said, “the operation of Service Center for SMEs will further expand, making it possible for the callers to directly contact with the headquarter Service Center. I am now aware of the difficulties that have occurred due to the Service Center’s operation hours during the week days only. So, the Service Center for weekends will begin as of this week, with the efforts by the financial policy institutions.” Mr. Kim also advised the entrepreneurs to utilize the website, ‘One-Stop Finance for Enterprises’(https://financialservicescommission.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/one-stop-finance-for-enterprises/).  He introduced that this website offers a comprehensive set of information for entrepreneurs seeking information and looking for consultation for their business plans. His first conference was done with his saying that, “financial authorities will try the best to serve SMEs, making every possible effort to check up any financial difficulties, and reflecting them in policy measures in a timely manner.” We hope that the improvement in operation of SMEs Service Center will alleviate the entrepreneurs concerns and difficulties.

And, please look forward to what happened at the second conference in Insan. I will be back tomorrow!



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