One-Stop Finance for Enterprises


Hello folks.

On Tuesday, I introduced ‘One-Stop Finance for Low-income Households’ website. Did any of you visit the website and find out useful information? I hope you are getting familiar with using that website. Today, I am introducing you another website, ‘One-Stop Finance for Enterprises’. This is for those of you who are running your own businesses.

Click it to connect to the website

 This website is arranged into three sections; 1) information for start-up businesses, 2) how to lead to a success of your business, and 3) business transition and completion. So you can refer to the right information suitable for your business’s stage of growth and expansion. From the initial phase of establishing a business to a mature stage, a comprehensive set of information is available.

 For users’ convenience, the website is designed from the point of the entrepreneurs. This is to provide the most needed and demanded information. Such information contains; guideline for financial assistance, tips for start-up businesses, related rules and regulations, how to become a listed company, and tax information. Statistics and indexes for SMEs are also up in the website, which will help you set your long-tem plan for business operation.

 If you are thinking of starting your business, or looking for any expansion plan, please visit One-Stop Finance for Enterprises ( It will be your online partner for your business. One more tip! If you sign up for emailing service, relevant information for your business will be regularly sent to you.



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