The Chairman Mr.Kim’s On-Site Tour


Hi all : )

The weather finally cooled down, and probably we can stop whinging about the heat-waves. For this summer, have you all been to a nice tour to somewhere? For those of you who haven’t yet, it will be still nice to be off to somewhere as the weather is much cooler and less exhausting. Well, this morning, the Chairman of FSC, Mr. Kim Seok-Dong, were off to a special tour. If you checked my Calendar, you would remember this schedule!

This special tour for today and tomorrow is called ‘On-Site Tour’. Mr. Kim is visiting four industrial complexes in Korea. It is to hear about the ‘actual financial difficulties’ faced by corporations. ‘On-site’ conference is planned at each industrial complex in Korea. This tour is specifically designed to check the challenges related to exporting and investment.

Before off to this On-Site tour, Mr.Kim mentioned the need for expanding financial supports for exporting industries and investment. Well, 2-day trip does not allow a long enough time to fix the current problems. However, we expect that more feasible policies and responses will come out by reflecting ‘on-site’ financial difficulties. The result of each on-site conference is to be published here as a series of featured posts.



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