One-Stop Finance for Low-income Households


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As you scroll down and read this blog post, you would think about something like this. “Well, I’ve read a few blog posts about microcredit in this blog, but how do I actually get it?” Or, some of you may be worried about, “Wouldn’t it be confusing and tricky to follow the steps for receiving microcredit?” Stop questioning yourself, as I am introducing ‘One-Stop Finance for Low-income Household’ website. If you have been hesitant to visit financial institutions for your enquiries, this website is for you. 

‘One-Stop Finance for Low-income Household’ provides various information that you have been looking for. The website offers a comprehensive set of information provided by government bodies and related authorities. The information is all about financial supports and assistance available for the low-income households. The information is composed of four major parts; 1) debt rescheduling, 2) financial support, 3) welfare assistance, and 4) vocational training and recruitment. These sections are designed to enhance users’ convenience.

You can also check up your credit rating at this website. Moreover, useful tips will be given according to your credit rating. Such tips are; ‘how to manage individual financial risks’, ‘best ways to improve your credit rating’, and ‘measures to prevent an illegal debt collection’.

So, who is eligible to use this website? Basically ‘EVERYONE’ at ‘NO CHARGE’. Those low-income households would find it even more beneficial and useful, as this website seeks to promote better financial service and assistance for the low-income households.

For any enquiries, you don’t need to visit anywhere, but simply click the website ( Just in case you want more specific advice for your circumstances, the call center (+82-1588-1288) is operating for you.




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