Frank’s Olympic Talk (2)


Must-have-item for the Olympics?


Hello, all.
I’m back with another Talk about the Olympic Games.

Most of the times, we are so focused on the ‘scores’ and ‘medals’ achieved by the player. However, to get such a big achievement, the players get hurt a lot. If you watched the wrestling match few days ago, you would remember the Gold-medalist Hyun-Woo Kim’s bruised face. Considering that the athletes are exposed to a lot of injuries, ‘accident insurance’ is a kind of must-have-item. The extent of coverage and types vary, depending on what kind of sports an athlete is playing. Other than the accident insurance, most players also signed up for a traveler’s insurance.

Once a company becomes the official supporter of the Olympic Games, the potential financial benefits are greater than expected. The advertisement effects cannot be disregarded as well. Since there is literally nothing better than the Olympic Games showing ‘active’ and ‘dynamic’ images, insurance companies are eager to be the official supporter. So, before the athletes were off to London for the Games, there had already been a competition between insurance companies. The competition did not guarantee a gold-medal for the winner, but the winning insurance company could become the official supporter of the Games.



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