Looking for a good program for your kids’ summer vacation?


It’s in the middle of summer vacation for your kids, right? I guess that many of you are yelling at your kids these days, as they are being lazy and waking up late every morning. And I know that it’s impossible for you to go on a picnic with your kids every day. Then, how will the rest of summer vacation last? Here I am going to introduce a good program which will be a perfect idea for your kids!

A lot of banks and financial companies in Korea are opening up various programs, such as ‘Finance Class for Youth’. These programs are composed of a series of classes. Classes will be about basic financial and economic knowledge, while giving useful tips such as ‘how to save your money’ and ‘smart ways to spend your pocket-money’.

These programs are expected to educate the young generation, and letting them get a basic sense of finance and economics. It has been said that the absence of adequate education for finance and economics is one of the contributing factors to the current issue of household debt problem. Individuals without having been educated about finance are easily making wrong choices to manage their fund, which leads to household debt problem. Financial education would not bring an immediate effect on improving household debt. However, as proper education about finance and economics is in an urgent need, such programs educating the youth would be helpful and beneficial in a long run.

If interested, call the customer services center of major banks and financial institutions in Korea. They will offer you a good program suitable for your kid’s vacation 🙂




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