[Movie] Spider-man trapped in Household Debt?


Hello all 😀 This is Frank.

When you think of super-hero, who is your favorite? Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and the list goes on and on. The image of any super-hero is someone super-powerful, super-cool, and also ‘super-rich’. However, you will be surprised if I tell you Spiderman is actually not super-rich, but rather a low-income household with a low credit rating.

 If you guys watch  ‘Spider-Man 2(2004)’, you will recognize what I am saying now. Peter Parker, who features secret identity of  Spider-man, is struggling to pay his debt. His mail box is full of letters urging the due date for his debt payment.  We can guess that Mr.Parker would not have a good credit rating. Caught by a vicious cycle of debt trap, Mr.Parker goes to bank for another loan.

 The story of Mr.Parker is similar to any other low-income earners suffering household debt problem in Korea. If Mr.Parker was in Korea, what could he do?  I would recommend him ‘Sunshine Loan’. Sunshine Loan is available for individuals whose credit rating rages from 6 to 10, or low-income earners whose income is less that KRW 20 million. Unless Mr.Paker is delinquent or default on his previous loans, he is eligible for application. Other requirements are he should not have undergone a work-out program or filed for personal bankruptcy. One more good thing provided by the Sunshine Loan Program? That is, if low-income earners, who have been making loans mostly from mutual savings banks or credit business providers, turn to Sunshine loan program, their burden of interest rate payment would be significantly eased as the interest rate on their loan is to be lowered from 30~40% to 10%.

Who can save the super-hero trapped in household debt? ‘Sunshine Loan Program!’



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