Press Briefing on Voice Phishing


Hi all 😀

My Second time to watch the press briefing at FSC.

The briefing was on ‘Voice Phishing in 2012 and the response to it’.

Today’s briefing was what I’ve been  actually interested in, as I am receiving so many voice phishing phone calls these days! Aren’t you guys bothered by those phone calls trying to deceive you?


The word ‘Phishing’ is a combination of  ‘Private’ and ‘Fishing’, which means that the caller  tries to wrongfully get your private  information by deceiving you. You may have received some phones call such as , “Hello, this is ABC Card. Your credit card information was disclosed……we request you deposit $5,000 now.” I do hope you were not frauded by this kind of voice phishing! However, there have been many people out there who were swindled by voice phishing.

Since January this year when ‘Comprehensive Measure for Voice Phishing’ was introduced, the figure has shown a decreasing trend in credit-card-loan-related voice phishing. However, as voice phishing methods are becoming more diverse and unexpected, all of us need to be more cautious!

The director of Electronic Finance Team (Financial Service Bureau at FSC)  advised that we can avoid voice phishing losses by following ‘postponed deposit’ and ‘postponed withdrawal’. These ‘postponed’ transactions are not processed as soon as you transfer your money. Rather, a transaction is postponed for a while (2 hours for postponed deposit and 10 minutes for postponed withdrawal). This allows you to have time to think back of the phone call you received. If you realize that it was a voice phishing, you can cancel the transaction within the postponed period. It is expected that these ‘postponed’ transactions will help decrease the number of voice phishing losses. FSC, in cooperation with other government bodies, will continue to work on it, carefully watching the pattern and trend of voice phishing methods. 

 Isn’t it scary that someone is watching for a chance to deceive you?Always keep your personal information tight! Don’t forget to log out your computer after reading this blog post 🙂




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