Korean Hedgefunds


Hi, everybody! It’s great to meet you all in a brand new blog :D,this is Jungy.

Well, today I’m going to talk about one of the hot issues; Korean Hedge Funds.

Did you know that the hedge fund industry in Korea has been only 7 month old?  From 2008, the Korean government started discussions over the launch of the Korean hedge funds, and FSC approved its final decision on it last December and voilà!  As many of you already know, hedge fund is a high profit investment fund that can undertake a wider and more strategic investment compared to other funds. It’s only available for particular types of investors specified by regulators. It is exempted from many of rules and regulations for high-profit achievement. If you want to know more details about FSC’s new regulations on Korean hedge funds, please check the attached material.attatched

The currently existing 20 hedge funds are having trouble attracting investment money. However, at the moment, it’s too early to evaluate a success or failure of hedge fund industry in Korea. It’s still new and at its initial phase, and for more accurate analysis we have to wait for at least a year. For now, there are many efforts to vitalize this industry, including studies and conferences. ‘Korea Hedge Fund Conference’ was one of such efforts, and I went there last month! I could have a chance to see many named speakers from all over the world. They discussed the recent trend in hedge fund regulations, related perspectives and development strategies for the Korean hedge fund market. I heard a lot of opinions, but to sum up, the Korean hedge fund industry should lower regulations in raising funds, protect the investors,  and gain infrastructure system about hedge funds, PB, etc.

                                  Korea Hedge Fund Conference, June 14,2012.

Latest news; on 18th July, Brain Investment Management obtained FSC’s preliminary approval to operate hedge fund. It will show up in the market around September. Will Brain Investment Management bring a new breeze in hedge fund market? It’s first try for an investment management company, and we’re looking forward to seeing a new trend. New challenge, new opportunity! 😉


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