Press Briefing on Household Debt


 Crowded with reporters, cameras and lights over here and there, and myself at the back of the room. Where was I ? I was at FSC’s Press Briefing Room this morning to attend the regular press briefing.

It is common that the briefing room is so packed with people whenever there is a regular press briefing at FSC. But, today’s briefing attracted even more attention from reporters and many media press. WHY? The briefing was on ‘Household debt’ in Korea, one of the most contesting issues these days. Looking forward to hearing some new ideas and solutions by FSC, everyone was completely into the moments of briefing.

The Secretary General, Mr.Chung, gave the briefing, showing how the issue has paramount significance. Usually briefings are delivered by the head of  Division holding the relevant issue for each briefing.

The Secretary General acknowledged that the household debt issue has been a risk in Korean domestic economy. However, he was confident enough to tell us that government is taking responses towards this issue continuously. Mr.Chung emphasized that the current size of household debt is still manageable by adequate government responses. He said such responses should be a long-term and sustainable. To meet this ends, he suggested several plans. These are including; policies on maintaining financial industries’ soundness, supporting entrepreneur’s’ competitiveness and easing the slowdowns in real estate market. Last, but not least, microfinance for low-income households was given emphasis, as it is one of the major policy goals of FSC.

More details about today’s briefing are available at;

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