Developing E-book for the public, ‘A Smart Finance Navigation’


‘A Smart Finance Navigation’ would be introduced in the near future. The Financial Services Commission announced on May 17 that both the FSC and the Korea Development Institute (KDI) have co-developed ‘A Smart Finance Navigation’.This navigation developed in a form of E-book will inform the public about the general knowledge in finance. The whole contents of finance navigation are categorized by 6 parts: ‘getting services in the finance company, must-know fiscal policies, credit management, loan and redemption, finance investment and pension, financing plans.’

The reason why the FSC made this E-book is because the current status of offering financial textbooks to various people is not enough for them to learn about the practical knowledge in finance and there are also some content limits in each part in the financial textbooks. Therefore, through the Smart Finance Navigation, the FSC expects levels of financial knowledge within the public to be up-graded. The finance navigation will be posted on-line, on the finance related homepage or FSC website, encouraging the public to make use of the financial materials on the website and letting them utilize the existing educational program. By using the finance navigation commentedabove, the FSC will develop an application only for the smartphone. And besides, it will categorize materials thematically, which were sent out on the radio or television so that the citizens can make use of them at any time.

At last the FSC is preparing to release new application to the public sooner or later, which includes ‘moderate savings and consumption, choosing financial products properly, and financial management etc.


Haerim Lee(


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