Weekly e-Briefing 3.Risk Assessment of Banks Mortgage Loans


There are growing concerns about rapid growth of household loans in Korea. Out of  260 trillion Won, about 43% are lump-sum payment contracts and remaining 57% are under installment redemption payment. The key issue  is how much is the burden for the Korean economy this year. To make a long story short, the net amount will be not as much as you heard from the news. About 40% of lump-sum redemption payment which is about KRW 45 trillion  is maturing this year and about 90% of the loans are being rolled over. On the other hand, installment payment, the total amount of installment payment loan over the next 10 years is about KRW 22 trillion. There are other factors that we have to put into consideration, according to BOK data, in Korea, about 83% of household loan owners are in the range of rating 1 to 4, which is high credit holders, and remaining 17% are 5th, 6th or may below under credit rating system.  To see more, Please visit http://www.fsc.go.kr/eng/index.jsp


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