Chairman Chin's briefing


Excessive foreign-currency borrowing will be restricted.” Chin Dong-soo, the chairman of FSC  told on Friday, 25th September.

FSC Chairman Chin Dong-soo








Looking back what  happened after Lehman Brothers’ crisis, the foreign currency liquidity lacked with the high suspicion in the  foreign borrowing affordability of domestic banks , which ultimately impacted to the overall financial systemic risk.  Aligning with  Financial Stability Board, FSC decided to strengthen foreign borrowing policies for no more repeat  in the future.

 So, these are the points that have been currently being considered.

1) Revision on the Foreign liquidity ratio regulation 2) New Foreign liquidity Risk standards  3) Develop Foreign currency financial derivatives transaction risk standards 4) Strengthen the mid-term, long-term foreign currency loans funding ratio 5) Limit on the foreign asset 6) Reasonable foreign exchange hedge

Also monitoring for macroeconomic soundness will be tighten. Task Force, which are composed of relevant officers and banks and expertise, has been currently working on this issue. The plan will be announced within October.


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